Community Relations Policy

Our recognition for the local content policy of the federal government is shown by our commitment to local content initiatives. This has led us to develop a community relation’s policy that guides our operations in the communities in promoting peace and pursuing mutually beneficial relationship.

Hobark policies are as follows: –

  • To continuously dialogue with our base location host communities to better understand their concerns, needs and aspirations; attain good level of cooperation and avoid any disruption like base closure or staff kidnap.
  • To respond to reasonable formal base location host community requests in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • To bring all relevant issues affecting base location host community to the attention of appropriate authorities for action and follow up.
  • To maintain at peace time, mutual respect by keeping to our words/promises.
  • To notify community leadership of any intention to terminate their indigenes.
  • Establish ongoing contacts with Oil Company’s community affairs coordinators/liaison officers of field locations with planned activities.
  • To have a 2 to 3 months’ operation lead meeting on activity as regards progress being made with field location communities (in transit and well site locations) by the oil company’s CLO to help job planning.
  • To have the oil company go ahead of us always to settle the field location communities as much as possible and give us the green-light for safe operation and/or no community disturbance expected.
  • To ensure that when field community insists that Service Company in spite of Oil Company having settled the community pays a token homage at well site, the token homage shall be paid to get the job done.