Tuwal Limited

Tuwal Limited aims to help Operators in Nigeria to greatly improve their oil and gas production by using the most advanced Micro-Emulsion Breaker Chemical Technology. This unique technology reverses the damage caused by drilling mud to the reservoir near wellbore and restores it back to its original virgin state and permeability. As a result, this enables the well’s production to increase. We typically see production increase ranging from 200% to over 1000%. Similarly, injection wells show huge increase of injection rates at a fraction of the usual injection pressures, leading to better sweep efficiencies.
Our goal is to deploy Micro-Emulsion Breaker Technology in 100% of all new and old wells drilled with Oil Base Mud, and be the remediation chemistry of choice in every old well drilled with Water Base Mud in Nigeria. And as a result, each and every well in Nigeria produces at its full potential.


  • Our people and their commitment to quality of service and safety of our environment is our competitive advantage.
  • Our integrity is demonstrated through our honesty, transparency, ethics, and fairness.
  • Our commitments to deliver unparalleled value to our customers and produce superior profits are the building blocks for our growth and future self-determination.

Our Services:

Tuwal Limited also provides other services that add a lot of value to our Customers as listed Below:

  • Deployment of Micro-emulsion Breaker technology for well remediation & filter cake removal services to increase well production and injectivity in excess of 200%. On the average, we achieve production increase of 600%.
  • Provision of chemicals for Well Bore Clean Up Services
  • Tank Cleaning Services using our specialty MudClean and PitClean line of micro-emulsion chemicals.
  • Oil Sludge treatment using SludgeTreat line of micro-Emulsion chemicals
  • Provision of Well Stimulation chemicals

  • Drilling Cutting Treatment Services on site using our specialty CuttingsClean line of micro-emulsion chemicals (instead of TDU) and a portable ECO-Mist skid unit.
  • Pipeline Pigging and Wax removal (Chemicals Supply Only).
  • Provision of Production Chemicals such as demulsifiers.
  • Wax treatment and Inhibition both inside tubing and in surface pipes using our Micro-Dispersant line of chemicals
  • Provision of well completion fluids

Our services are applicable in all environments, new and old wells, land and offshore, oil or gas wells. We presently operate in Nigeria but our goal is to expand to other west African countries very soon.