Selected ROV and Inspection Tools

Linkpetro owns and operates VideoRay Pro4 and MSS Pro5 Inspection-Class ROV systems. Both ROV systems, together with various underwater inspection and survey tools, are available at Linkpetro’s Onshore Support Base in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

VideoRay Pro4 ROV System

The Pro 4 submersible builds on VideoRay’s strengths with more than twice the vertical thrust of the Pro 3, and 50% greater horizontal thrust. A depth rating of 300 meters (1000 feet) is standard. Improvements in the electronics allow for both greater total tether length up to 600 meters (2000 feet) and much better power transmission over longer tethers. New sensors, including 3 axes compass and accelerometers and MEMS gyro improve navigational capabilities. The primary video camera features ultra-low light and Wide Dynamic Range imaging capability, with a wide range of user controllable parameters for demanding imaging situations. Coupled with the very high intensity LED lighting, the images and video that can be captured are far clearer, particularly in difficult lighting conditions. A second camera can be rotated 270 degrees to provide lateral views as needed.

VideoRay Mission Specialist System (MSS) Pro5 ROV System

The Mission Specialist Series (MSS) Pro 5 configuration is designed for speed and efficiency, with three-thruster system and has forward speed of over 4.4 knots, and utilizes a system of interchangeable, modular components residing on a single, intelligent network. The Pro 5 is designed to handle missions with size, space, weight, and deployment speed constraints, such as underwater facilitie4s inspections beyond the reach of divers, search & recovery, exploring the ocean floor up to 305m, and various others. The Pro 5 builds on the strengths of the Pro 4, with more thrust, longer tether lengths, higher resolution video, and the advantages of the MSS modular systems.

ROV Tool – Cygnus ROV Mountable UT Guage

The Cygnus MINI ROV Mountable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (Cygnus MINI ROV Gauge) is designed for high-reliability thickness measurement using the Multiple-Echo technique. The Gauge is a lightweight gauge designed to be mounted on smaller submersible ROV craft.
Fully-waterproof, the Cygnus MINI ROV Gauge can be used both underwater and in air and is pressure tested to 500 metres’ water depth. It is supplied with dedicated PC-software for displaying and logging thickness readings at the surface.

ROV Tool – Buckleys CP Probe – ROV Mountable (Pro4)

The Buckleys CP contact probes are versatile instruments which are used to carry out under water cathodic potential measurements.
The unit is designed for use with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Operation of the probe is carried out by way of a probe tip making contact with the surface under test, and reading the resulting voltage on a suitable high impedance (> 10M Ohms) or digital voltmeter.

ROV Tool – SeaBeam ROV Mountable Laser Scaler Measurement Tool

The SeaBeam laser scaling measurement tool is mountable on our Pro4 ROV system and works by projecting a precision dual laser beam spaced 75mm apart. This provides a precision scale for size reference for measuring underwater distances

ROV Tool – DenJet Underwater Marine Growth Pressure Cleaning Pump System

DenJet Model: CE20 Compact Slim System
Pressure: 200 Bar / 2900 Psi
Flowrate: 38 Lpm / 10 Gpm
Motor: 20 Hp / 15 Kw
Voltage Required: 400V 50Hz
Recommended Waterdepth: 50 to 60m

ROV Tool – Blueprint Subsea Ultra-Short Base-Line (USBL) Positioning System

The Blueprint Subsea USBL underwater GPS tracking system is a multi-purpose acoustic transponder beacon system capable of simultaneously tracking asset positions and undertaking bi-directional data exchange, making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications including…

  • Remote monitoring and control of sensors and equipment (up to 14 beacons).
  • Re-location and retrieval of sub-sea assets.
  • ROV positioning and navigation tasks.
  • Diver buddy and surface-vessel/dive-bell tracking and re-location.
  • Remote and local depth, water temperature, attitude and heading reference (AHRS) information.