Sustainable Procurement Policy


Hobark International Limited (HIL) is an Integrated Services Company whose subsidiaries: DrillPet International Limited (DIL), Uniterm Nigeria Limited (UNL), UltiProc Nigeria Limited (UPNL), Hobark Consultant Management Services (HCMS) and Gigasec provide Manpower Services & Logistics Support, Drilling Operations and Consultancy Services, On/OffShore Catering Services, Drilling Rigs & Drilling Bits and Procurement Services to the Oil & Gas Industry.

Sustainable Procurement is how Hobark International Limited procures its goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves value for money on a whole life basis in terms of generating benefits to society and the economy whilst striving to have a positive impact on the environment.

Our purchasing decisions have for objective to not only drive down costs and achieve value for money, but also to influence suppliers to innovate and provide environmentally and socially beneficial goods and services. To ensure fairness, encourage diversity and ethical conduct. This will only be delivered through a high performing supply chain.

We recognize our suppliers as key to delivering the aims of this policy. As such we will monitor and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices; capturing the three principles of sustainable
development within procurement – Social, Environment and Economy, to ensure fairness, encourage diversity and ethical conduct. We will work closely with our stakeholders to ensure that we:

  • Embed sustainable procurement throughout our purchasing processes
  • Make procurement decisions based on the appropriate balance between economic, environmental and social factors and record the decisions that have been made
  • Comply with all relevant environmental, social and contract legislation and regulations, and that ethical, human rights and employment standards, as expressed in the International Labour Organisation Fundamental Conventions are met.
  • Derive value from a progressive approach to supply chain diversity and inclusion.
  • Consider clients and supply chain as equal partners in achieving sustainability targets.
  • Pay our supply chain promptly.
  • Create supply chain opportunities for local and national suppliers alike.
  • Support sustainable communities by ensuring our supply chain invests in local skill and capabilities to leave a lasting legacy from our activities.
  • Train our employees in relevant aspects of Sustainable Procurement.
  • Use the Value for Money approach at all times
  • Embed zero waste thinking in all aspects of our operations and supply chain. Adopt a policy of “eliminate, reduce, re‐use, recycle” when making procurement decisions.
  • Embed Zero Harm into all of our activities and that of our supply chain.
  • Avoid suppliers that use child or forced labour.
  • Avoid suppliers that support or promote terrorism.
  • Avoid products containing particularly harmful substances where there is a viable alternative.
  • Where practical, favour products which minimise environmental impact either through best practice production or use of recycled content.
  • Collaborate with our supply chain to innovate and lead in the development of low impact materials.
  • Build a sustainable supply chain, engaging with suppliers to work together to reduce the environmental and social impact of our supply chain.
  • Where possible share best practice with other organizations.

This policy delivers the sustainable procurement elements of our sustainability strategy and supports our wider sustainability aspirations. Sustainable Procurement Policy


Responsibility for this policy ultimately lies with the Group MD. The implementation of this policy is the collective responsibility of all employees, agents,
consultants, suppliers and subcontractors.


This policy will be reviewed periodically and amended as necessary by Senior Management. We will measure progress against the sustainability strategy. Progress will be reported in our annual sustainability report